Asset Class Money Market

Mackenzie Canadian Money Market Fund

Why invest in this fund?

  • Seeks to provide a steady flow of income by investing in short-term, quality government and corporate debt instruments which are consistent with safety of capital
  • Maturity of the securities will not exceed one year
  • Weighted average term to maturity of the fund's assets will not exceed 90 days
  • Intends to maintain a portfolio with a high credit quality

Key Facts

Portfolio Managers

Steve Locke, MBA

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Head of Team

Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Investment experience since 1995

Felix Wong, MBA

Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Investment experience since 1988


Q1 Commentary – Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Read Mackenzie Fixed Income Team’s Q1 commentary to learn about their analysis of key market risks and opportunities.

min read May 17, 2019



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